By: bsanderssimons | March 26, 2016

It's been three years now. Three years. Never once did it come to us that we'd have reached our third Car of the Year. And this year was special. We couldn't pick just one.

By: bsanderssimons | October 22, 2015

We don't always post Every Day Finds in the News section, but this one car deserved it. The Ferrari F12berlinetta (a.k.a. F12 Berlinetta or simply F12) is a power house of Italian metal. Power comes from a 730-hp 6.3-liter V-12 engine. Yet, Ferrari has managed to sell the car as a every day driver. Still, if the every day driver packs almost twice the horsepower as a Jaguar F-Type, it's worth a look.

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By: bsanderssimons | October 09, 2015

When you hear the name Kia, what do you think? How about when you hear Geo, or Saturn? What about Mazda? More often then not, we prejudge automakers by their brand names. We almost automatically assume that seance there is a badge that says Kia, it's a rattling piece of junk. When we hear the name Geo, we picture a dirty Prism with the paint peeled off.

 What about when you hear the name…Volkswagen? Do you picture a car, with nice leather seats, but a hefty price tag (and not the emission results you paid for?)? How about when you hear the name Mercedes-Benz, or BMW? Do you picture a large land yacht cruising through a neighborhood of huge houses, or a small luxury SUV zipping into the Costco parking lot? 

All of these are examples of autom...

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