- About US

My father said one day “Do want to start a website?” “Sure!” I said. And was born!

It didn’t take long. After going through several logos, we settled on one, started to design, and then we gathered information. We started to write our articles a couple of days afterwards. Since then, its been full speed ahead! We recently updated our site to an all-new look and feel, as well as new logos. We are glad to serve all our fans with automotive information. 

So please, look around. We hope you enjoy!

Our Policy:

When we make Every Day Finds in the news section, we take pictures of cars out in the open road or in a parking lot. We do not take pictures of car in drive ways of houses, apartment buildings, or private property, unless given permission to by the person in custody of the car. We do not take pictures of interiors of cars, unless given permission by the person in custody. Nor do we take pictures of license plates, and when a license plate is in the picture of a car, we blot it out.